Greater Victoria Windsports Society

-Above is the best outcome we could have asked for given our current influence as a loosely organized community. To build on our position we have officially registered the Greater Victoria Windsports Society.

-This not for profit society of volunteers can act as a liaison for windsports participants across the region. From Island View and Pat Bay, to more tenuous spots like the Cook St and Willows Beaches, protecting safe access and promoting the region for all windsports users are the primary objectives.

-We also plan on tying into Tourism Victoria and other local groups to galvanize our presence and ensure our interests are considered before more changes are made at a government level. I think we can all agree that the changes being proposed at the Spit in Squamish would be devastating to that community and that it would be equally unfortunate for us to lose access to any of our local beaches.

- Looking further ahead at local tourism ties, the Society can also act as a host for future events like the GKA Pro Tour

-2023 is the year we are preparing for. City Council and Parks will be going out to the public for consultation on the future Clover Point plan. It is important that we organize ourselves by then and increase our membership by as many as possible. What can you do now?:

- First and foremost, just keep doing what you do. Enjoy every windy day at all of our local beaches.

- Continue to be an upstanding liaison for the windsports community

- Continue showing the public what an amazing and inclusive community we are.

- We will be looking for someone to design a very simple website so if you know anyone in the community, have them reach out to me. Bro deal appreciated.

- We will be looking for membership in the coming months so PLEASE start spreading the word to your friends, family, businesses, spectators, anyone who participates in, or benefits from any windsport in the Greater Victoria Region.

- The board, which is all volunteer and will be regularly elected by the members, will take care of the initial costs to start this not-for-profit Society.

- We will be canvassing for sponsorships and/or have to charge a small annual fee for membership to cover the operating costs starting next year.

-This is where word of mouth comes in. The more members we have, the lower our membership costs will be and the more significant our influence will be across the region. The effort of building this Society is an investment in protecting our, and future generations' use of the beaches in the area. We appreciate all of your help.

Thank You! Greater Victoria Windsports Society
Ruth, Andres, Gerald & Josh

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