Gordon's Parking Issues

Saturday July 10 was a busy day at Gordon’s and there were complaints from the neighbours about parking in front of and too close to their driveways. I know this wasn’t intentional, but PLEASE be aware of where you park and make sure it is at least 6ft away from a driveway. There are a few fenced in driveways that are difficult to spot, especially the house right next to the windsurf launch.
  • DO NOT block driveways. Leave at least 6ft on either side of the driveways so the residents can get in and out safely..
  • DO NOT cut through property to get to the beach. The only access to the beach from the road is through the public access, and along the creek bed. Kiters should park at the bridge and walk along the creek bed to the point to launch.
  • DO NOT turn around in driveways. Drive past the parking spot and turn around at the bridge. Better yet, park at the bridge.
  • DO NOT leave any garbage behind.

For more details see the forum topic.

Update July 16, 2021: thankgodiatepastafobreaky

Gordon's wing launch right of way area is all torn up at the moment as they expand the road. They are excavating and packing new road base right where you normally park and access the fence area. They are not in the right of way but I don't know how you can access it at all. The Tugwell Kite launch parking across from that is inaccessible also with construction. Muir Creek could be an option but the kelp can be an issue up there. The main lower Gordon's beach might be ok? There are multiple accesses there but you might be fighting to go upwind off the beach?.... I personally would try Muir.
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