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Welcome to BWD v2.0. Two years in the making and the first major update since the site launched in 2002! Make sure that you login to see all of the available features.

*** There are issues with the website and IE (Internet Explorer) => update your browser, try Chrome or Firefox. ***

Big thanks to the following for the 100's of hours spent on the new site:

RainX (aka Marc) for the work spent on updating the sailing log to work with the new forum

Tweezer (aka Mark) for the awesome GPS track stats, sailing guide and many of the plots

Keen (aka Anthony) for the amazing Wind Alerts and Wind Map

Here is a list of some of the new features:
  • see current wind conditions, comments, forum posts, sailing logs on the side bar on each page. Move the modules around on a desktop.
  • post comments on each page.
  • upload GPS Tracks and view track stats (top speed, number of turns etc), Top Ten challenge.
  • subscribe to post notifications (sailing logs, forum posts, comments).
  • subscribe to Wind Alerts!
  • updated wind stats and wind archive.
  • many extra sailing log stats.
  • extra sports added to the Sailing Log (finally).
  • new 'Quick Look' model plots with current condition trend.
  • new Sailing Guide (formerly the 'Wiki') with sailing spots, webcams, weather stations and overlays.
  • new full site search.
  • new 'Quick' Private Message system with better notifications, in addition to the forum PMs.
  • users can post articles - weather, tips, gear reviews, travel blogs etc.

Comments and suggestions are encouraged.
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