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    CTK Saturday May 2, 2020
    Cook Street, Kitesurfing
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    Tuesday May 29, 2012
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    Saturday May 2, 2020 Cook Street, Kitesurfing
     Saturday May 2, 2020 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cook Street, Kitesurfing W 22 - 36
    2.00 hours OCEAN RODEO RAZOR 10M
    Was surprised to hold down a 10M as the wind really ramped up near the end. Lots of chop at the start of the session but seemed to smooth out near the end. 1st ride on a new brunotti board. Lots more pop and a little better upwind drive. Needless to say it will take a few session to really get dialed in. Was great to get out and I was happy to send a few good airs.
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