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    tweezer Friday April 2, 2021
    Cattle Pt, Windfoiling
    This year: 32

    Log started:
    Sunday April 24, 2005
    Total records: 181
    This year: 32

    Friday April 2, 2021 Cattle Pt, Windfoiling
     Friday April 2, 2021 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cattle Pt, Windfoiling SSW 8 - 12
    70's corduroy
    1.80 hours Starboard 186X Formula
    Severne Hyperglide 9.0
    Front Wing starboard 800cm2
    Rear Wing starboard 255cm2
    Went out to chase Bobson at Cattle Pt. Wind was light enough that tide was a big factor. Spent a fair bit of time in the Mary Tod eddy. Then it started to switch W. Fun cruising with Bobson, MF4 and a couple kites from Willows.
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