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     C36 Sunday September 12, 2021
    Long Beach, Windsurfing
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    Sunday January 18, 2015
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    This year: 38

    Sunday September 12, 2021 Long Beach, Windsurfing
     Sunday September 12, 2021 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Long Beach, Windsurfing NW 8 - 18
    fun size plus
    1.00 hours Fanatic Freewave 116
    Ezzy Elite 5.3
    Rolling thunder. Rain in Burnaby, sun on the ferry crossing the Georgia Straight. Teasing at Pipers. No closure at Kennedy Curves (Sunday). NW wind on Kennedy Lake but trees were all still at Green Point. Decided to set-up camp, noticed wind in the trees on the highway driving straight to Incinerator about 4 pm. Saw Jesse out just north of Lufkin playing in the waves ' it's on! Snapped a couple of shots while I rigged. Conditions made for the high water mark session of the summer for me ' solid waves and enough wind to make it work. A little gusty (only got thrown over the font once) but usually enough wind when you needed it to catch a wave or get out of the way in times of need. Caught some healthy ones, glad they had shoulders (likely long period west swell) as I got in too deep on one (late bottom turn) but was able to pop out to the shoulder and enjoy a few more turns. Waves were pretty smooth for the most part (only popped out of bottom turn once). Given the size of the set wave there was some 'It looked like you two windsurfing were having fun!' First campfire of the summer back at Green Point (staff said it they were allowed starting about two days ago).

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