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     rsmundell Monday September 13, 2021
    Nitinat Lk, Windfoiling
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    Saturday January 2, 2021
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    Monday September 13, 2021 Nitinat Lk, Windfoiling
     Monday September 13, 2021 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Nitinat Lk, Windfoiling W 12 - 22
    3.50 hours Starboard Foil147 147
    Severne Gator 6.0
    Severne 4.7
    StaboRd 1100 setup 85cm carbon mast, 115fuse, 1100/330
    As Bobson and BigD have both mentioned, a great day on the water at Nitinat yesterday. A fantastic way to close out the 'summer' season. Started with a loooong SUP up the lake and back in the morning. Glassy calm and beautiful. Joined Bobson and BigD on the water around 1pm with a 6.0. Great times crisscrossing and jibing around/with one another. I made for a good jibe mark for them more than once! We moved down to smaller sails and continued in perfect conditions. For much of it we were the only ones on the water!

    I ended up having a wipeout in the middle of a jibe. Nothing too crazy, it seemed, but when I surfaced, the whole front of my board was broken off and folded under. I was on the far side of the lake and so tried to sail in. Got it up on the foil for a bit but the windage or something brought my nose down and when it hit the water the nose pealed back the bottom of the board. Got back to the beach and went out on the 12m kite and Duke in winds that continually built until solidly OP'd. Great times other than the board issue. Going to have to see if it's worth repairing or not. Marty, I'll be in touch.
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