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     altoning Tuesday October 12, 2021
    3rd Avenue, Kitesurfing
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    Thursday February 21, 2013
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    Tuesday October 12, 2021 3rd Avenue, Kitesurfing
     Tuesday October 12, 2021 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     3rd Avenue, Kitesurfing SE 22 - 30
    waist high waves
    2.00 hours Slingshot Verve 6'
    Airush Ultra V2 8m
    Pleasantly surprised how TAF called it for 3pm. Lit on 8m+surfboard with Francis and 3 other kiters for over 2 hrs in SE 22-25 gusting 30. Waves were disorganized so had to hunt for the clean ones - perfect waist high breakers for plenty of sweet wave rides.

    Only 7??C but toasty warm in my new Bueller 5/4/3 wetsuit. Great way to start the week :D
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