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     gnarf Thursday May 19, 2022
    Gordons, Kitesurfing
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    Friday June 21, 2013
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    Thursday May 19, 2022 Gordons, Kitesurfing
     Thursday May 19, 2022 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Gordons, Kitesurfing W 18 - 25
    1.50 hours
    Living the dream!

    8m roam solo sesh - man that kite is so rad it's my favorite which I've said about every kite I've owned ever ! Opted to save some gas and stay put. nice and sunny, disorganized chop for the most part. I'm feeling a bit rusty in those types of conditions so I bailed the shorebreak runs and did an upwinder to the mayor McCheese zone to scope the scene but no one around so back downwind , couple little smoothies over past martins and beyond . Still no peeps not even on the beach which is nice because the usually are sitting right where I land! Using an older ocean rodeo bar with the swivel unit and learned from my self landing mistake last time- have to start landing with the kite a bit higher and really race fast up the trim line to the center lines and yank that top one in case anyone is reading this who has is new and hasn't had to self land to an audience of none with no carabiner. Always good to have a non painful non equipment wrecking reminder at the end of one season and beginning of the other one!
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