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     C36 Thursday May 19, 2022
    Jericho, Windsurfing
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    Sunday January 18, 2015
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    Thursday May 19, 2022 Jericho, Windsurfing
     Thursday May 19, 2022 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Jericho, Windsurfing W 16 - 25
    flat to some roll
    1.50 hours Goya Quad Custom 92
    Ezzy Taka 4.5
    Road closure. Decided to grab a few rides on the way to the dentist. Tswwassen said he was going to wind at Jericho but the waves looked good up at Acadia but not enough tide for him. I headed up to Acadia to check it out (I don't mind the walk to Upper Acadia on a low tide if the water look playful). Unfortunately the road was closed at Dog Beach ~ back to Jericho. Wind always seems a touch unsettled and it wasn't quite enough for the 4.5/92. Wasn't very interesting at first, but it freshened up a bit and there was some nice rolling swell out near the freighters - trouble was one was anchored just upwind of the good stuff creating both a wind shadow and converging swell. Friendly bunch, sun was out. Nice to get out and more fun than the dentist!

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