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     Chuck Friday August 5, 2022
    Acadia beach, Kitesurfing
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    Thursday January 16, 2020
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    Friday August 5, 2022 Acadia beach, Kitesurfing
     Friday August 5, 2022 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Acadia beach, Kitesurfing NW 18 - 22
    3.50 hours North Pro Carbon 6
    Naish Pivot 10m
    Naish BTB 24m lines
    Fun fun fun in the sun. Great Beach day today, STOKED to share the water with Tsawassen (killing it on the wingding!), Marcus (also winging) and the Goateed wonder even made an appearance. Typical chopchopchop off the launch and it was t any better when I cruised down to Jericho pier to say hello to friends. Crazy reflective wave off the pier makes we wonder why anyone would want to learn to wing (or windsurf, etc) there, and grateful for the Tolmie launch. Fair amount of kookage tho with one wanker repeatedly crashing his kite not far at all from sunbathers and wrapping kite around volleyball posts. Said wanker was not receptive to polite suggestions he stop or at least get the hell onto the water.

    Up to Acadia and some nice waves setting up off Doggo beach.

    Crazy debris in the water too

    Nice summer sesh
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