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     Windjunky Thursday September 22, 2022
    Island View, Wingfoiling
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    Saturday December 28, 2019
    Total records: 169
    This year: 67

    Thursday September 22, 2022 Island View, Wingfoiling
     Thursday September 22, 2022 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Island View, Wingfoiling SSE 15 - 20
    2-3 foot swell
    3.00 hours Naish hover wing carbon 95
    cabrinha cross wing 6.0
    axis PNG 1150 1778
    axis ART 999 1038
    Arrived to Bobson coming in to rig smaller but I only have my 6M so went with small foil was great for half an hour or so until it dropped and I couldn't make it work anymore went in and grabbed 1150 and was great for most of the session. Practicing flagging out and Jibes on smaller board, still needs a bit of tweeking to feel balanced. A bit light near the end (10 -12) last day of summer.
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