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     MtnarG Saturday January 21, 2023
    Willows Bch, Wingfoiling
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    Monday August 1, 2022
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    This year: 14

    Saturday January 21, 2023 Willows Bch, Wingfoiling
     Saturday January 21, 2023 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Willows Bch, Wingfoiling ENE 8 - 18
    1.00 hours Quatro 105l
    Cabrinha Crosswing X3 5m
    F-One Strike CWC 8m
    SAB W945
    SAB S425
    Hung around with the guys for quite a while waiting for the wind to show up. Eventually it arrived.

    Was going to use the 6m, but wanted another session on the 8m. The 8m was really good, but the wind picked up a bit, so decided to try the new 5m Crosswing X3. By the time I was on the water wind had started to die down, so not enough to get going on the 5m. Went back to the 8m, but wind continued to die.
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