Ideal Gear trailer

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Ideal Gear trailer

Post by tempy »

I want to get a covered cargo trailer to tow behind my truck and camper as a gear trailer.

I am hoping this group has some experience to share including:

1. Brands to get or avoid;

2. Ideal length ( 10 or 12) as and eg.

3. Width - 6 or 7!

4. single or dual wheels.

5. Other features, such as vent etc.

6. Anything else I haven’t considered.

Also looking for gear organisation tips. I have seen the pvc pipe racks as an example.

Finally, if there are any used ones around, happy to have a look at them.

Merry Xmas, and hope to finally get out on the water again after a super busy Fall at work.
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Re: Ideal Gear trailer

Post by BBrown »

Not sure if you are still looking but came across this one in my own search: ... 23586c0189
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