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Daily Plot Info
  • Click the dimmed legend text to show temperature, pressure and waves (if available).
  • When on the "Today" plot, the plot will auto update and show the latest points. So you don't need to refresh the entire plot.
  • Model1 = University of Washington WRF-GFS 4km model updated 2x/day at ~910am/910pm.

    Model2 = 2.5km HRDPS Continental Model from Environment Canada updated 4x/day ~5am/11am/5pm/11pm.

  • Click the graph, hold and swipe to select a time segment to zoom in to. Use the Reset zoom button to zoom out.
  • For archived data, click the date and select the day from the calendar, or use the << Previous Today Next >> buttons.
  • Use the buttons at the top right to print or save the plot as a png, jpg or PDF.
  • Grey background = night, yellow background = day.
  • Peak wind shown is in knots during daytime.

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