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Send notifications to your Android or iOS device when a new post is made on the website using either PUSH or SMS and/or also desktop notifications. PUSH and SMS are available to website donors only (within 1 year). PUSH notifications are preferred since they are cheaper for the website. Desktop notifications are available to everyone (they may work with Chrome on Android).

PUSH Notifications
Steps to enable PUSH notifications
  • 1. On your iOS or Android device, select the categories below and select the PUSH checkbox then SUBMIT. A phone number is not needed.
  • 2. Download Pushsafer from the app store: Pushsafer Push-Notification Service - Get it on Google PlayPushsafer Push-Notification Service - Download on the AppStore
  • 3. Install the pushsafer app on your iOS or Android device. Start the APP. Disallow Location tracking and hit "Do not remind me again". Allow notifications.
  • 4. Visit this link on your iOS or Android and let Pushsafer open it: link hidden
  • 5. To change categories, you need to first remove your device using this button:
  • Then change categories, select the PUSH checkbox below, then SUBMIT, then repeat STEP 4 above. You may have to force close the Pushsafer app before doing STEP 4.
  • To completely disable PUSH, remove your device using STEP 5 and then delete the app.

SMS Notifications    
Steps to enable SMS notifications
  • 1. On any device (desktop, mobile etc), choose the notification categories below and select the SMS checkbox.
  • Enter your cell number and hit SUBMIT. By enrolling in the text message alerts, you are authorizing this website; and, to send text messages to you on your provided cell phone number. Text message charges from your cell phone carrier may apply. Note that the cell number sending messages will be 778-655-9086.
  • 2. You should recieve a confirmation code. Enter the code and hit submit again to enable SMS.
  • 3. To change categories, visit this page again and make the changes to the categories and resubmit. To unsubscribe from SMS, uncheck SMS, remove the phone number and resubmit.

Select the categories:
  • Choose type:   

Sorry, you do not have permission to receive SMS messages. Please contact the admin:   

Desktop Notifications The notifications on Chrome, Firefox, Edge should pop up with an option to subscribe when first loading the website. To change notifications, click on the lock icon (View Site Information) to the left of the url address bar, change Notifications to Ask. You should see the notification options again after a few page loads.

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