Sailed On But Not Forgotten

Roger Dee

By Sophia van Norden

Remembering Roger Dee by mudshark:

Roger had been sick for the past few months. He was diagnosed with terminal Amyeloid Leukaemia in December and, although he fought the good fight, as we knew he would, he died from the disease on March 27th, 2023.

We all have many good memories of our time at Nitinat with Roger. He was a fixture there and many of us will have images of him riding his Roberts with the fiery nose or sitting on the beach having a beer or relaxing in front of his A-frame windsurf home having a steak and glass of wine.

He was blessed to have had his two adult aged children, Natalie and Phoenix and Sophia with him in the house for his journey, until the winds died. May he rest in peace riding the waves in the hereafter. Roger's Obituary

I leave you with a photo collection of Roger's time at Nitinat, and simply the best character shot his closest sailing friends could find of him, to share with the wind community. 

mortontoemike: "Vic was a great friend, mentor, and inspiration. He was a testimony to the fact that windsurfing is a life-long passion not just a young mans game. Seeing him convinced me that I could learn the sport late in life and have many years of joy being free on the water. Thanks for that Vic..."

Russian Dood: "Good bye Vic. You were a great inspiration for all of us. I will always remember those nights by the fire sharing stories, laughter and joy of life. Thank you for being there for us, we all going to miss you..."

Jellyfish: "Vic was a man filled with a passion and love for life that kept his optimism so strong that he was able to beat the odds placed against him by a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer for for the past five years...I was fortunate to spend some time with him yesterday afternoon. I told him it was a good day for sailing. The leaves were dancing on the trees outside his room and the sun was shining in. I wasn't surprised this morning when I heard ....... I knew he was in a hurry to chase the wind. Your spirit will always be there..... Pat Ashton"

More Force 4: "He got me waterstarting with confidence - and there is no bigger gift for a windsurfer! And his fireside was always full of interesting people and had room on the benches for one or two more. He had an amazing knowledge of the plants, mushrooms, and wind and weather at Nitinat.

One of my favourite stories of Vic was learning about the Nat's thermal wind. All one morning we sat on the beach, teased by zephyrs and catspaws. Each sign of whitecaps was greeted by "maybe that's the thermal starting" and Vic would answer "No, not yet". Finally, the lake is glassy calm and Vic pipes up "There's the thermal starting. If you go and get your wetsuit on it will be sailable by the time your ready". I looked at him with disbelief and asked how he knew. He said "listen". I listened, and there was the faint sigh of wind in the treetops. He told me how the thermal always comes in high before it drops to lake level a few minutes later. That sort of detailed local knowledge, and method of teaching so you wouldn't forget, was typical of Vic.

I'll always think of Vic when going by his camp, or having coffee in the early morning mist, or having that first after-session beer in a chair on the beach. Morley Eldridge"

Paja B: "The kite and windsurf community lost a beloved young woman last week when Melanie Houston passed away. Many of us have known Mel since she was a little girl, laughing and playing with the other kids in the wonderland of Nitinaht Lake. Mel, her father Walt, and her brother Matt were all keen sailors. Mel was kind and gentle, smart and funny, and she loved her daughter Kat and her son Hunter to the moon and back. Mel also leaves her loving mother and stepfather Trish and Philip Schatz, sister-in-law Tamara, as well as numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. Mel will be missed forever. There is no service at this time, but her family plans a celebration of Mel’s life, at a future time TBA, on the Island."

Sandy Beach: "This is shockingly sad news and a loss to the wind community. Many of the BWD community knew Allison from Nitinat and Baja. Her energy and enthusiasm for kiting will be missed. I will add this thread to 'in memory' section. R.I.P. Allison".

GaianCaptain: “It is indeed. I was shocked when a friend shared the news with me the other day. So many people getting cancer and dying. Break the hearts of everyone”.

thankgodiatepastafobreaky: “Yes this is very very sad. Allison was a very fun person with such a lively personality”.

Wavos Rancheros: ”Allison was a co-worker and she was an amazing standout person, strong identity, funny, smart, and savvy. Always appreciated her presence in the room. She was a force of nature”.

nanmoo: "That's incredibly sad. Her sense of humor was one of the best on the beach at Nitinat".

Snarfer: "Thanks for your thoughts. Remember Graham as the always positive go-for-it guy that we all loved. Athlete extraordinaire, quick to smile, always ready to help. Our thoughts are with his wife and 3 children."..."Graham, you'll always be my good friend on and off the water. I'll miss you buddy..."

GWIND: "Sportsman, waterman, but most of all family man. Very sorry to hear this news. Wishing all the best for his wife and children..."

Winddoctor: "I wish I'd had the pleasure of knowing Graham better. Each time I saw him at the beach he was smiling, friendly, and approachable. Last summer, I crashed my kite at Nitinat when the wind died and had to swim in to the village. Graham and a friend walked all the way down to check on me and give me a hand carrying my gear back to the kite launch. I immediately gained a solid appreciation for Graham as a person and for the spirit of community he represented. May we all continue to keep the spirit alive that Graham so well embodied."

John's words for Graham:

"Here we sit, in wonder, and in awe, life can be sweet, life can be sad. All in all not so bad. Comradery, much valued, companionship, much treasured. As life slips by, we try."

Winger: Update on Windsurfing Family: Giles Thorpe has passed away from cancer. Celebration of life is tomorrow Sunday Oct 6th at St Banabas Church 1525 Begbie St in Victoria. Really nice guy that frequented Nitnat for years windsurfing and then kite boarding.

Sandy Beach: This is so sad. Winger, thanks for the message to let us know. I remember Giles as such a friendly and welcoming person. Condolences to his family and close friends.

Bwd: That is very sad news. Thank you for letting the wind community know

Winger. Bones: thanks Dave, didn't even know he had cancer. Another one of the old guard gone. Maybe see you tomorrow

Kus: Thx Dave, it is upsetting news, I made a in memory post but couldn’t stick it within the wiki, cheers to you Giles!

Bones: anyone know what time the service is at ??

Voodmon: What time is the service? Me thinks/thought winger was senor wingate , however I digress, I actually worked on Giles house/ houses and worked on his wine room, my condolences to Winnie and the kids.

Winger: Sorry..3:30pm with reception to follow for Giles celebration of life

Gwind: Damn that’s upsetting. RIP Giles.

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