Weather Conditions at Gordon's Beach, Sooke BC

LAST READING TAKEN AT  9:05 PM  DATE: March 31 2023 
next reading at 9:10 pm)

Wind speed and dir
(10 minute average)
WNW 0.0 kts  (297°)
Avg wind for last 10-15 minutes (gust) 0.2 kts (0.0 kts)
Avg wind for last 15-30 minutes (gust) 1.3 kts (2.6 kts)
Avg wind for last 30-60 minutes (gust) 2.4 kts (5.2 kts)
Maximum gust today 5.2 kts at 5:00 AM
Current Temperature 4.6°C (40.3°F)
Apparent temperature 3.7 C
Windchill or heat index 4.6°C
Maximum temperature today 7.4°C at: 3:04 PM
Minimum temperature today 3.7°C at: 1:08 AM
Barometric Pressure 1008.0 mb
Trend Steady
Pressure change (last hour) +0.1mb/hr
Pressure change (last 3 hrs) -0.5 mb
Pressure change (last 6 hrs) -2.5 mb
Current Rain Rate 0.0 mm/minute
Rain last hour 0.3 mm
Rain last 3 hours 3.8 mm
Today's Rain 6.1 mm
Days with rain this month 19

Tidal Current (top) and Height (bottom):

Wind Direction Plot:


DAILY High's and Lo's:

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Sun and Moon:

The weather station data is recorded at 1 minute intervals and is uploaded every 5 minutes. This page is updated from recent data collected by a wireless Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station using a WeatherLinkIP datalogger and was created using weather-display software.

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