2017 Donations - Not yet a record run tally....

Races, swaps, beer nights, clinics, etc.

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2017 Donations - Not yet a record run tally....

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Please note our efforts last year have not been equaled....in fact far from it. Please consider:

**Tons of efforts by many volunteers,
**web cam hosts,
**weather station managers,
**field installers,
**discussion contributors and
**hosts of special events

all so that you can get your wind/kayak/fishing fix in a productive, low fuel consumptions (carbon footprint), social and successful way :!:

Isn't that worth a small donation that YOU can afford??....everybody's situation is unique when it comes to $$ but if you can kite/windsurf/fish from a vessel, afford that yacht or kayak, you got a few spare $$, right? PLEASE KEEP OUR SITE GOING AND IMPROVING, MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE :)

http://bigwavedave.ca/phpBB2/viewtopic. ... t=donation

DONATE HERE: http://www.bigwavedave.ca/donate.php

Snarfer: Our donations are $1527 to date. Looking pretty sketchy considering we hit $6682 at the end of last year. Time to do a donation push? - Thursday August 24, 1:09PM

Kus: Snarfer, well noted, we are wayyy down. All regular users of the site please open wallets for a small donation! Whatever you feel is the value you get from this site.....imagine it not being there.....and how much you pay to Starbucks kingdom....Don't be a freeloader :) - Friday August 25, 12:45PM
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