Wing Recommendations/Reviews

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Wing Recommendations/Reviews

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Figure this merits its own thread, as a thread specifically about thoughts on different Wings from different manufacturers, in different sizes.

I'm officially getting Wing Foiling. Have just bought a 5'8" Quatro Drifter (115L), which should be here in June. I'm likely going with an Armstrong foil system (2400 and/or 1850).. Given that the board, and likely the foil is taken care of, I need a wing.

My initial goal is to try this in lighter winds over the coming summer; I'm at Hornby and Kootenay Lake for 2 months, staying on the water in both places. They are breezy, not super wind. The wing can be pumped and ready to go on the beach. Winds will be mostly 8-15. Hornby is salt water and Kootenay is fresh....heard it can make a difference? I may get in a couple of Nitinat trips in June or September, or make it up to Porteau Cove or Squamish from North Van....but pretty much am gone from late June to early Sep. so mostly this wing foil setup will be used in flat water, in 8-15. I doubt I'll be drifting on swell.

Budget $1,500CDN or so. I'm 5'7", 165lbs (75kg) ....I am thinking around a 5.0M Wing. Ideally with a window. I like the idea of a boom (but have no idea if this matters).

Looked at so far:

4.5M Armstrong A-Wing ( as these are supposed to be more powerful for their size, ie have seen them using the 4.5M A-Wing in tests vs other brands 5.0M and 5.3M can also attach an Armstrong "bar" to the wing handles, which would act like a boom).

5.0M Duotone Slick (looks slick.....being a windsurfer, I do like the idea of a boom, I would put a harness line on it). btw did they get rid of the Echo?

5.3M Northwave Nova?

5.3M Naish S26 (you can attach a SUP paddle to the middle strut...WTF?)

Other wing recs?

Comments? What features do you like/dislike about wings you have tried?

Thanks in advance.

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Post by winddoctor »

Of those choices, I'd go with the Slick. Has a boom, grunty, fast, pulled in tips, newer shape based on what they've already learned. As a windsurfer, you'll like the boom right away. Handles help make a wing lighter/more agile for surfing/drifting, but a boom offers more advantages in handling as you don't need to look to nail your re-grip, can hold it one handed, can do a pop up like a surfer on a smaller board holding one hand on the center of the boom as you get to your feet, etc.

I've come to the point where a single handle up front is OK, but I really like a longer, soft-boom shaped rear handle (like Cabrinha's handles or the OR proto I tried). Being able to slide your rear hand around without being stopped by the span of a small rear handle is huge. You can nail your perfect hand position. Having two "soft" mini booms would be great too, but not as necessary. Much is personal preference of course as well as intended use. Crashing into a boom at high speed as you breach from outrunning a swell sucks though. Soft handles are friendlier to ribs. Don't ask me how I know :oops: . A full length carbon boom seems a bit overkill, so the Slick looks like a nice compromise.
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