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Daily Plot Info
  • Click the dimmed legend text to show temperature, pressure and waves (if available).
  • When on the "Today" plot, the plot will auto update and show the latest points. So you don't need to refresh the entire plot.
  • Model1 = University of Washington WRF-GFS 4km model updated 2x/day at ~910am/910pm.

    Model2 = 2.5km HRDPS Continental Model from Environment Canada updated 4x/day ~5am/11am/5pm/11pm.

  • Click the graph, hold and swipe to select a time segment to zoom in to. Use the Reset zoom button to zoom out.
  • For archived data, click the date and select the day from the calendar, or use the << Previous Today Next >> buttons.
  • Use the buttons at the top right to print or save the plot as a png, jpg or PDF.
  • Grey background = night, yellow background = day.
  • Peak wind shown is in knots during daytime.

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NOTICE: The Ogden Point weather station is currently not reporting data to the public. The GVHA has been notified but it likely won't be fixed until cruise ships return in 2022!! Visit