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    AJSpencer Saturday April 18, 2020
    Island View, Windsurfing
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    Sunday November 10, 2019
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    Saturday April 18, 2020 Island View, Windsurfing
     Saturday April 18, 2020 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Island View, Windsurfing SSE 7 - 12
    0.80 hours Starboard GO 140L
    Koyote 6.6
    Slingshot Infinity 84
    First of all, what an idiot... This whole time I thought it was a 140L Starboard GO, not sure where I changed that in my mind, but its actually a 170L... anyways, thought I’d put the foil in anyways and see what happens, put a leash on it. Interesting different feel and the bit of lift I was getting when it was a bit windier when I first got there seemed to help it plane, so got moving pretty quick, but definitely way too beastly heavy to lift my fat ass up and out at all. Still, awesome time out there<b>......</b>
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