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     themorb Sunday April 26, 2020
    Comox Spit, Kitesurfing
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    Wednesday March 22, 2006
    Total records: 158
    This year: 35

    Sunday April 26, 2020 Comox Spit, Kitesurfing
     Sunday April 26, 2020 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Comox Spit, Kitesurfing SE 18 - 28
    3.00 hours Ocean Rodeo Mako 140cm
    Ocean Rodeo Duke
    Ocean Rodeo Crave 12m
    Ocean Rodeo Crave 10m
    Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam 10m
    Went to Comox for beginner friendly conditions for A since we have no idea when Nitinat will open again. She got in a bunch of reaches and ended with a scenic walk back. I got to try the mythical Aluula Roam and it lived up to expectations staying in the air even trying to make the lines as slack as possible. Rode the Mako for the first time in a year and tried some jumps... My kids loved the wipe outs. Ramped up and we packed up instead of pumping a smaller kite.
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