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     davey_k Wednesday July 21, 2021
    Cook Street, Kitesurfing
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    Sunday June 7, 2015
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    Wednesday July 21, 2021 Cook Street, Kitesurfing
     Wednesday July 21, 2021 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cook Street, Kitesurfing SW 17 - 23
    Pretty flat with swell
    1.00 hours
    What a splendid session! Got a hot launch from j_dog and it was real good a little further out. Did a few reaches and then I saw Justin shooting upwind past Finlayson Point. I decided to try and follow him and made it as far as Holland Point before a lull in the wind made me chicken out. Had a fun downwind cruise back to Cook street and found some swell too. Came in and self-landed as the wind started to die. Landed Jay and Justin and had a great post session chat at the beach and at the parking lot. Fab!!!
    GPS Track: Cook Street 202107214:19 PM to 5:18 PM
    Moving Time00:54:05
    Planing/Foiling Time 00:47:23
    Distance (km)17.3
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)17.1 / 17.0 / 16.5
    Number of Turns 38 (66% Planing/Foiling)
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