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     winddoctor Wednesday November 24, 2021
    Low Kanaha (?), Wingfoiling
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    Sunday August 22, 2004
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    This year: 89

    Wednesday November 24, 2021 Low Kanaha (?), Wingfoiling
     Wednesday November 24, 2021 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Low Kanaha (?), Wingfoiling NE 13 - 18
    3.00 hours Armstrong FG 115 5.11
    Hotsais Maui KS Spider 5.2
    Armstrong HS 1850 with 85 mast
    Just Dan and I plus 3 others doing circuits in moderate wind and head-high, glassy surf. Stuff of dreams (no really). Countless waves, flagged out carves up and down the face. Alex Aguera was out trading waves with us. A near perfect session until I got scrubbed over the reef and scratched the bajeesus outta my foil rig. F'ng worth it!!!!!!!!! Perfect demonstration for winging being the ultimate tool in these conditions. Felt super dialled. Nailed all of my toeside tacks and only breached once the whole session. Fully in the zone. Best wing session I've had. Sailed until sunset.

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