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     Bobson Saturday January 22, 2022
    Cattle Pt, Windfoiling
    This year: 56


    Log started:
    Tuesday July 13, 2004
    Total records: 509
    This year: 56

    Saturday January 22, 2022 Cattle Pt, Windfoiling
     Saturday January 22, 2022 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Cattle Pt, Windfoiling NNE 8 - 13
    1.50 hours Starboard Freeride 125
    Sailworks Flyer 7.0
    Starboard Mast 85cm
    Starboard Front wing 1100
    Starboard Fuse 115+
    Starboard Stabilizer 255
    Surprise session!! Forecast was for 10kts and that's basically what we got with Gusts to 12-13kts. Lots and of sails coming out of RVYC. Arrived to the Twizz all set up with 4.5m Wing and big Foil heading out and he was ripping right away (with some pumping). Wnd was strongest for first hour then started to get lighter and more pumping was needed. 40+ kms in sunny almost warm weather. Came off the foil only once so feeling good about my gybes. The Twizz turns a lot, me, not so much. Pretty great day to be on the water. Where was everyone.?

    GPS Track: CP - Foiling with Da Twizz11:14 AM to 12:42 PM
    Moving Time01:28:50
    Foiling Time 01:25:05
    Distance (km)42.7
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)20.6 / 20.5 / 20.2
    Number of Turns 69 (99% Foiling)
    MAX 2022 - 20.8 kt, 157 turns, 100%TOTAL 2022 - 248 km, 11.9 hours
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