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     j_dog Tuesday October 4, 2022
    Clover Pt, Kitefoiling
    This Year: 71


    Log Started:
    Monday March 13, 2006
    Total Records: 238
    This Year: 71

    Tuesday October 4, 2022 Clover Pt, Kitefoiling
     Tuesday October 4, 2022 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Clover Pt, Kitefoiling SW 10 - 15
    1.00 hours Liquid F/Cabrinha Foil 85cm length 950cm front wing 4'6"
    Arrived at Clover with Davey_K already rigged but the wind was pretty marginal. Rigged up and decided to wait a bit, when the wind hit 10 kts decided to launch and head out, pretty much had the water to myself for the whole session. The wind continued to build slowly throughout the session and at the end I was a bit overpowered. Great sunset session and was happy to see some progress in my foil turns and transitions.
    GPS Track: Clover 09Oct5:29 PM to 6:30 PM
    Moving Time00:53:56
    Foiling Time 00:41:35
    Distance (km)12.2
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)15.6 / 15.4 / 14.8
    Number of Turns 53 (40% Foiling)
    MAX 2022 - 26.9 kt, 113 turns, 90%TOTAL 2022 - 961 km, 51.4 hours
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