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     C36 Monday May 22, 2023
    Long Beach, Windsurfing
    This year: 8


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    Sunday January 18, 2015
    Total records: 542
    This year: 8

    Monday May 22, 2023 Long Beach, Windsurfing
     Monday May 22, 2023 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Long Beach, Windsurfing NW 1 - 15
    2.50 hours Fanatic Freewave 115
    Ezzy Taka 5.3
    Much better. Long Beach classic ' sun, workable wind, some big wholes, fun-sized waves! Two washings from the brink of the outside due to uber light wind in the impact zone. Shaggy rescued Tsawwassen following a bladder rupture in his wing. Five for five wavesailing (sessions/days).

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