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     KUS Sunday February 11, 2024
    Columbia Bch, Windsurfing
    This Year: 7


    Log Started:
    Sunday October 17, 2004
    Total Records: 1769
    This Year: 7

    Sunday February 11, 2024 Columbia Bch, Windsurfing
     Sunday February 11, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Columbia Bch, Windsurfing SE 19 - 23
    2.60 hours hot tub bubbly with brown pops 6x6
    Ibuprofen, Robaxacet, Codein 600mg bombs
    Looked much better than yesterday, 5.0/94 was great most of the time, waves were good @start, then it was hunting time. A few decent jumps, hit the bar with my ass on a backloop late in the sesh, not as many sea lions playing out today. Best part was seeing AJ ripping upwind today! Fun outing, Porks nailing a couple of wave upwind 360's, wow! Played along with Ozy til wind died off at 130 ish. Got home and had a fun tube run down French Creek rapids, low volume but safe and fun this way :) Hot tub felt great!

    Sail 8 wave 6 jump 6
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