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     davey_k Monday April 1, 2024
    Clover Pt, Kitesurfing
    This Year: 8


    Log Started:
    Sunday June 7, 2015
    Total Records: 270
    This Year: 8

    Monday April 1, 2024 Clover Pt, Kitesurfing
     Monday April 1, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Clover Pt, Kitesurfing SSW 14 - 20
    1.30 hours Takoon Tiki 230
    Ocean Rodeo Crave HL 12
    Ocean Rodeo Shift Bar (Gen 3) 52cm
    Wind surpassed the forecast and I got out for an easy cruise on the Tiki board. Rob arrived at the same time as me and we both got to enjoy some really nice steady wind and flat-ish water. The wind was really southerly which allowed for an easy start off the reef and also some long reaches between Clover and Finlayson Points. I tried to do some tacks but couldn't make them work, it was fun trying though. I came in and had to ask a family with kids and small kites to move downwind as they were right where I had setup my landing strap. They were good humoured about it. Had a good chat with Craig as I was putting my gear away.
    GPS Track: Tiki at Clover3:45 PM to 5:06 PM
    Moving Time01:07:05
    Planing Time 00:53:39
    Distance (km)19.4
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)14.8 / 14.8 / 13.9
    Number of Turns 50 (38% Planing)
    MAX 2024: 16.4 kt, 50 turns, 54%TOTAL 2024: 66 km, 4.2 hours
    MAX: 18.5 kt, 136 turns, 84%TOTAL: 1,607 km, 87 hours
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