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     tweezer Sunday April 14, 2024
    Ross Bay, Wingfoiling
    This Year: 53


    Log Started:
    Sunday April 24, 2005
    Total Records: 597
    This Year: 53

    Sunday April 14, 2024 Ross Bay, Wingfoiling
     Sunday April 14, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Ross Bay, Wingfoiling WSW 20 - 25
    2.00 hours Appletree Custom 4ft9 65l
    Cabrinha Mantis 3.5
    Axis ART 999 1038cm2
    Axis carbon mast v2 86cm
    Axis Sillyshort Advance fuse 56cm
    Axis 325p rear 325/62
    Arrived to foilable conditions but held for a little more wind and swell. Pumped up the 3.5 and headed upwind to catch sailing yacht Venturosa half way to Brotchie. A couple kites out at cook st. and a fun downwind back to the RB sandbox. Swells built up and some epic smoothies started to appear. Big crowd of wind enthusiasts out today over 20 wings, ~8 kites, and freestyle Marty windsurf ripping! Great day!
    GPS Track: Swell smoothie 5star3:57 PM to 6:14 PM
    Moving Time01:46:32
    Foiling Time 01:38:36
    Distance (km)35.1
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)18.0 / 17.9 / 16.4
    Number of Turns 92 (79% Foiling)
    MAX 2024: 18.4 kt, 147 turns, 90%TOTAL 2024: 812 km, 44.4 hours
    MAX: 28.1 kt, 249 turns, 95%TOTAL: 11,820 km, 624 hours
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