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     davey_k Sunday April 14, 2024
    Gordons, Kitesurfing
    This Year: 17


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    Sunday June 7, 2015
    Total Records: 279
    This Year: 17

    Sunday April 14, 2024 Gordons, Kitesurfing
     Sunday April 14, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Gordons, Kitesurfing WSW 24 - 32
    chop and swell
    1.00 hours Ocean Rodeo Duke 3 5'4"
    Ocean Rodeo Crave HL 10
    Ocean Rodeo Crave HL 8
    Ocean Rodeo Shift Bar (Gen 3) 52cm
    First spring session at Gordon's and it did not disappoint. When Dave C. and I arrived we could see the wind line and white caps way out there so we took our time getting setup. Given the low tide we parked near the windsurfer public beach entrance and walked up the beach to Tugwell rather than walking the creek. We were the only ones there and the beach looked huge b/c of the low tide. Although I brought my 12m to the beach, by the time we were pumping kites the wind line had come in and it was blowing. I launched Dave and then self-launched and headed out. The wind was fantastic and the sea was not too confused or choppy. I did find some nice breaking waves near the shore and did my best to ride a few. It wasn't too long into my session when the wind really started pumping and the 10m was too much. I came in, self-landed, and went to fetch my 8m. Dave C. also came in and did the same. We went back out and I found the second half of my session a little frustrating as, after a while, the wind both decreased and got somewhat punchy. So the 8m was at once not enough kite and then plenty of kite. I burned around a bit more but decided to come in and call it a day. It was a beautiful day.
    GPS Track: Gordons 202404141:39 PM to 3:28 PM
    Moving Time00:36:36
    Planing Time 00:27:34
    Distance (km) 9.7
    Speed (Max/2s/100m knots)15.4 / 15.3 / 12.3
    Number of Turns 30 (33% Planing)
    MAX 2024: 16.4 kt, 50 turns, 54%TOTAL 2024: 94 km, 5.9 hours
    MAX: 18.5 kt, 136 turns, 84%TOTAL: 1,635 km, 89 hours
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