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     LilB Sunday May 19, 2024
    Nitinat Lk, Windsurfing
    This Year: 2

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    Saturday May 18, 2024
    Total Records: 2
    This Year: 2

    Sunday May 19, 2024 Nitinat Lk, Windsurfing
     Sunday May 19, 2024 Conditions TOW Toys Used:
     Nitinat Lk, Windsurfing W 24 - 28
    4.00 hours RRD Freestyle wave LTD 111
    Goya Cypher 4.4
    Went out for day 2 at Nitnat with BigD, Bobson, Tweezer, Sharon, and Slick Mick. Shout out to Ray for helping me tune my sail and for the gybe advice! There were some massive holes at the bottom of my booties, so I ended up attaching my flip flops to my harness and calling that a day. Tried again for some planing step gybes, with no luck and lots of splats, some caught on camera. Apparently the video replay looks promising. Probably should've gone down to the 3.7, but BigD ended up using that since I wanted to use the 4.4. I went super fast on the last couple of reaches and managed a tack without falling, which is great! I haven't had to be rescued yet this year, awesome! Sailed longer than Bobson! I am now paying the price for that (worth it).
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