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This hurts. John was a rare gem. He exuded an aura that unconditionally welcomed all types of people into his world. John had an energy surplus, which spilled over to others around him. Stoke to spare and share. I felt it when sailing with him. Sessions were always better with Johnny on the water. The laugh. Sparkle in the eyes. He will not be forgotten anytime soon. Mike
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Still in sort of a daze over the whole thing... Our heartfelt sympathies. He was loved by many and will be missed by all.
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Post by adam »

You're the man John. I can't believe you're gone. Just like that. You always brightened every situation just by being there, were funny as hell, and ripped the shit out of the water. You had the biggest air I've seen at kook st, and the biggest heart. I guess we can take comfort in the fact that you lived life beyond what most are able to dream of. YOU'LL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. I miss you!!
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I worked with John at the City of Victoria Parks Department for the past 9 years. John was one of the happiest guys in the yard who truely did live life to its fullest. He we be dearly missed by all the Parks employees. His smile, sense of humor, and work ethic will not be forgotten.

May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.
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I heard this news this morning and have spent much of my day reminiscing of the many times I spent with john over the nearly 25 years we knew each other.
John always made himself available and was keen no matter what to help, chat, brainstorm or share his knowledge ,first with windsurfing all those years ago and more recently with kiting .
John had more energy and enthusiasm than anyone I know and I tapped into that many many times over the years.He also had about as much tenacity as should be legal and we all loved him for that.
He was a joy to know and call a friend ,I will miss him.
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Johnny was not afraid of life and that is the legacy I will remember him by.
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John was a warrior and an inspiration, and with his passing has gone a piece of all of us. He will be missed in our lives, and most especially, in the life of our beach.
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Post by Elizabeth »

Johnny, we will miss you. We have wonderful memories of great times hanging out at the beach and on the disc golf course and we will always remember your great spirit, generosity and smile. - Elizabeth and Trevor

PS. Thanks for being such a gentleman... always setting up a chair for me in that that one warm and sunny spot at the Nitinaht campsite :) E
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I'm not one of johnnys surfer friends but I've sure heard about what he loved.The wind & the water.I started with him with the city & concidered a dear friend and a kind soul.We'll miss him.Dale
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Johnny Zumma

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Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body,but rather to skid in side ways,chocolate in one hand,martini in the other,body thoughly used up,and screaming"Whoo Hoo !!! What a Ride !!

This is some thing John would have believed for sure and I believe he did his best.

I worked with John for 20 + years and loved him every minute.He has been a true friend and inspiration to me and I will miss him with all my heart ...

Cheers Johnny,I'll meet you there.

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Tears tonight Johnny. missed already, like a part of myself was cut off, you were an icon, the sails you built, the boards you built, the kites you flew, the enthusiasom you had for life in general, lot's of stuff, i am sure there is also much i never knew about you...smiles mate...yes....missed..i used to live on marlborough st, and john cut the grass there too, so i could look out of my window and see johnny mowing the up the edible chestnut debree too....smiles all.. smiles john... tim
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wow. john was the hardest of the core dudes 16 years back when i first met him down at cook st. I will remember his perpetually windburned face and big stoked up smile. My deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones. ..dave
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Ride in peace Johnny.

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Post by Fish »

Geez, I'm shocked.

I can still remember the day I met John, as I think we all can...his total stoke about gettign on the water is unforgettable and just inspires you to give-er. John is synonymous with high wind adventure, and his larger than life presence at Cook street or wherever it is windy, will be missed.
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Johnny "cannonball" Read

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I just found out last night about this sureal news. Not even several days ago Johnny boy was over at my house picking up his new kite I ordered him and he seemed stoked on life as always. Kind of hard to take in really. When I started kiting 6 years ago now I bought my first kite off johnny and ever since he has been A great friend both on and off the water. Everytime without fail he was the firt guy I saw at Dallas and always with a big smile on his face and a presence that oozed "stoke". He was someone who left a truly positive impact on me and many others and I will miss him dearly.
Here is to you Cannon Ball!

regards, Tyler
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